Learning Love Through Cooperation


The Harmony Collective is a yoga cooperative founded on the principles of bhakti, which is a culture of honoring the inherent spiritual value of all beings through a lifestyle of service and prayer. Bhakti can manifest in every walk of life through purified purpose. Our community is proud to steward the below environments to support diverse experiences and expressions of this divine principle.


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A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

He arrived in America at the age of 70 with a vision to unite the world based on spiritual principles. Despite so many attempts in the modern era to create an equitable society, he challenged this could never be done with the conception of the self as a body i.e. Black, White, American, Chinese, Man, Woman etc. Without fundamental recognition of the eternal spiritual principle underpinning all life, he contended any attempt to improve this world is ultimately superficial. The Harmony Collective was established to help serve his empowered vision and we keep his teachings as the compass guiding all our efforts